Threadbare Memories, graphic novel

Angela Boyle
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Nadine lives with her robot toys and her father, who loves her very much. But Nadine is kept alone at the house, looking out over the world from a single garden dome at the top of a spire. She may be lonely, but she has a good friend in Cob, a furry little bean of a robot. Playing with her only friend, she finds out a secret her father has hidden from her. But once she knows, why doesn’t she seem to care?

This is a PDF of the Threadbare Memories graphic novel, including extras, such as character design and pages from the original, fantasy version. The comic itself is black and white. Read more at

  • A PDF of the Threadbare Memories graphic novel

  • Size
    220 MB
  • Length
    69 pages
  • Pages
  • A PDF of the Threadbare Memories graphic novel
  • Size220 MB
  • Length69 pages
  • Pages132
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Threadbare Memories, graphic novel

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